The EACDnet will facilitate contact between the over 1,400 EACD members across 40 countries, allowing for the efficient sharing of knowledge and events to benefit the European communications industry.

  • Mail
    Exchange messages with EACD members across the continent, and use the Contact List feature to send messages to a group of people with just one click
  • Contacts
    Manage your relationships with other EACD members online. Once you have connected with someone, you will be kept updated of their activities
  • Groups
    Join the conversation with those who share similar interests or circumstances to yourself – each EACD Regional and Working is represented on the EACDnet.
  • Events
    Receive event recommendations and invitations, and manage your attendance online. Once the event is over, you will be able to download the presentations from it.
  • News
    Receive personalised news updates, as well all news relevant to the European communications community, including news from Communication Director magazine.
  • Knowledge Portal
    Members can upload or download presentations, documents and pictures. Use keywords to search the Portal to find the most relevant entries for you.
  • Forum
    Join in or start discussions with fellow members about a range of topics, and benefit from their expertise, as they will benefit from yours.